Our products cover a wide range of needs  that ships and various kinds of vessels have (luxury cruisers, passenger ships, cargo ships, LNG carriers). Sewage networks, ventilation networks, heat exchangers, condensers,  descaling systems and maintenance of public areas are fields for which BTools supplies all the products required  to ensure their optimal operation. 

Power Plants

BTools offers vacuum machines specifically designed for the collection of hazardous materials (for use in both dry and wet environments), high pressure water machines and equipment for cleaning and maintenance of tubes for chillers, condensers, A/C towers and boilers.

Factories, hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, military bases, camping sites, municipalities

In places and buildings that a lot of people gather frequent inspection and maintenance is needed to the public spaces and to the equipment that helps those buildings function.
Sewage pipeline networks in open spaces often get infested with roots coming from the nearby foliage, a very tough stoppage that requires the use of heavy rootcutters to clear out.
Air conditioning systems in those buildings include  condensers, heat exchanges and A/C towers, equipment that requires regular maintenance in order to deliver its optimal output.

Plumbers, freelancers, maintenance companies

Modern professionals will find in BTools the proper equipment to handle any job inside a house pipe network , which includes pipes ranging from 32 mm to 75 mm in diameter but also to work on the main pipelines of larger buildings with pipe diameters from 100 mm up to 140 mm.

Tools and electric machines which use wire spring or gas-powered and petrol powered high pressure water jetting machines to easily clean fat, soap, mud, dirt, paper ,cloth pieces and even roots from small plants and trees. There are machines to use with any pipe diameter from 32 mm all the way to 600 mm and their operating range can be as far as 150 meters.

And as for HVAC maintenance and cleaning ,we offer the engineers a wide range of machines for  doing regular checking and maintenance in the core parts of their systems (boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, A/C towers etc) .

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